Mixed Blessings EP

trip-hop  dubstep  cinematic  piano  murky 

Mixed Blessings EP
Experimental hip hop and electronica meets a glitch-oriented cinemascape as the head nodding turns into hypnosis.

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Liner Notes

Most of my releases over the years seem to mark transitions milestones in life, I released this one because I was reminded that the world is a lot bigger than you think, and it's important not to get caught up in the small details.

This EP tells an archetypal story of love and loss. From cautiously optimistic meeting, through that odd first flush of familiarity and intimacy, gaining stability - then betrayal and onward to trying to forget.

The distorted lyrics in the end of the last song are cribbed from a very famous song (If you can pick it message me and I'll send you some free stuff) - Some Dance To Remember/Some Dance To Forget.

I didn't intend for there to be a theme to the tracks but this is what emerged - these are tracks from a few years span that gelled into this narrative release. I hope it speaks to you.


Ro Lloyd (Aneurythm) - Composition, Mixing and Production

Glen Nicholls @ FunkVault - Mastering


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